Are The NeverMiss Puttline Balls Regulation?

Yes, The NeverMiss Balls are fully compliant with all requirements for match and competition play

What Are The NeverMiss Golf Balls Made Of?

The OG is a soft 3-piece urethane cover ball with a cleverly designed 336 dimple pattern that allows extraordinary distance off the tee and low dispersion at various clubhead speeds. The outer urethane cover gives our ball a soft feel which allows for pro level control around even the trickiest greens. We have also treated the OG to a special lacquer that gives the ball longevity rather than cutting up after a few wedge shots. Finally, the NeverMiss ™ Putt line that gives each and every golfer confidence when lining up their putts to aim to stop them annoying 3 putts.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes we offer international shipping. If you select your country from the cart page the shipping will update automatically  

Why Not Draw A Line Around The Ball Myself?

A good question. Firstly, you do not pay for the NeverMiss Putt Line, so it saves you time. Secondly as it is added during the manufacturing process it has longevity and will not "rub off" like traditional sharpies etc.

Lastly lots of lines drawn are not straight and can hinder the lining up of match winning putts so why take the risk.

What Golf Balls Do You Offer?

So currently we have 3 level of golf ball

The OG Neon - Our 3 piece Budget Premium Matte Finish golf ball (Available to buy from March 2021)

The OG - Our original 3 piece Urethane golf ball (Available Now)

The ZT (Zero Turbulence) Our premium 4 piece, tour level golf ball (Available to buy from March 2021)

Will I Still Miss Putts?

We get asked this many times .... In the simplest terms yes you will, The NeverMiss putt line is a helpful aid that many golfers find help them lining up their putts which give greater success in medium to short putts.