The OG Story


Official golf

Official Golf was set up with a view to help amateur golfers reduce their handicap and look great while doing it.

We have built a range of golf balls that help with distance off the Tee and with your irons, along with improving your putting to keep you at 1 and 2 putts per hole instead of 3 or 4 putts.

After spending months trying to figure out the best way to lower your golf score. We figured out that a golf ball that had the potential for great distance off the Tee and offered a reduced risk of it slicing or hooking due to lower side spin was a great starting point. From there we had to make sure there was no control lost around the green, we get you under 130 yards, you need to be able to control that ball to stop and spin. Then when you are on the green, we have a variety of Putting aids that assist with alignment. Nothing works every time, but by setting up right and having the best tools you can, you are giving yourself the best chance of success. 

Our Balls are Tour Soft Quality and they look awesome!

When designing our apparel range, the goal was to be cool but not "Too Cool", comfy but smart, colorful but not loud and breathable but not too light. 

Our range is Awesome. You are going to love it.