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James Robinson Golf Review

James Robinson is a PGA Professional and YouTuber with over 140,000 subscribers. He gave our golf ball a go and see the results by clicking on the image below.

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Our brand ambassadors

Kyle Johnson-Rolfe

Kyle is a young and upcoming golfer who has just pushed his handicap to +0.9 in 2020 he won 3 men comps and 11 juniors at the age of 15 we look forward to supporting him in his journey to becoming a PGA Pro.

Reviews of our products coming shortly.

Robin Orbinson - IG @Tattooedgolfer.92

Robin is joining us in 2021 and was involved in our testing of the 4 piece ZT golf ball. He advised us the following:

The prototype ball was awesome, low spin off the tee and loads around the greens I think they could be pretty special. I was surprised how it reacted around the green but at the same time not being too spiny off the tee.

On our current 3 piece ball

I like how it's slightly higher flights in the wedges and the control around the greens is first class, whilst once again maintaining low spin off the tee.

Paul Mews - Instagram @aussie_long_drive_athlete

Former +4 Handicapper Paul is now a PLDA Long Drive Competitor in Australia. Loving the feel of the Polos specifically he has been showing them off in Videos and Charity days before his coming Long Drive season.